Golden Afternoon

Hat / Necklace / Dress / Rings / Shoes

Hello friends! Welcome back, it certainly has been quite a while. FALL IS HERE. I could not be any happier about this season. It's the start of pumpkins, and Thanks Giving, and the holidays, and comfy sweaters!! I am so so excited to wear all my cozy favorites, and not break a sweat in them (because if we're being honest I wear them all year round lol). It's still pretty warm here in AZ so I can get away with wearing light layers. However I am obsessed with fall colors; both this hat and dress are my current fall color faves. My closet is quickly filling up for the fall with an abundance of sweaters, leggings, and lets not forget the best part of the coming weather, booties. I love me a good pair of booties. The pair I'm wearing are kind of pricey, but certainly worth it. They are so comfy, and so versatile. I will get so much use out of them, and that is the by far the best purchase you can make. I hope your day is going well, thanks for stopping by!


Jany RosalesComment