Fly Away With Me

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Is this not the coolest boneyard? I am now obsessed with planes, and have decided that I would like to become a pilot... I go through phases where I base my career choice on anything and everything that excites me for even half a second. For example, After watching Jurassic World, I walked out of the theatre with my mind 100% set on being a paleontologist. I am nothing without my fickle behavior. But I digress, I'll keep my writing short and sweet since there are so many photos in this post. I had too many favorites and I just had to share them all. This boneyard was so much fun. Something about exploring really gets me. I loved getting up close and personal with these fighter planes; being able to see the detail in their structure, really made me realize how magnificent planes are. I will never understand the mechanics that allow these vessels to fly, but I will forever be in awe of them (also, one hundred percent terrified of them because seriously, how do they stay up in the air?).

Thanks so much for visiting, all! Have a great weekend.

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