Suede Lovin'

Hat / Necklace / Similar Bodysuit / Similar Skirt / Socks / Shoes

Hello, Kids! Today I'm going to share my ultra obsession with suede. When I say obsession, I mean half of my closet is made up of suede. I love the retro vibe these pieces give. This is one look I absolutely love. The versatility of it is another reason I fawn over suede everything. With spring finally here, I've found plenty of ways to incorporate it through the season (I'll share those looks with you soon!). This skirt can be paired with so many different tops, a floral blouse, comfy crop top, denim jscket or button up, even a graphic tee looks great; the possibilities are endless! I definitely feel that a piece like this should be in your wardrobe no matter what your style is. It's way too fun not to own ;) 

I hope you all enjoy my final "winter" look (the air quotes are for the lack of winter phx had) I'm devastated over the changing of the season, winter did not last at all. The dreadful ninety degree weather has already begun. Here's to surviving the quickly approaching summer months, AZ. It'll be a rough one. Thanks for stopping by!