April Showers

Hat / Cardigan / Top / Watch / Jeans / Shoes

 We had an incredible weather change over the weekend. I live for rainy days. Living in the dry desert heat teaches you to appreciate any and all rainfall. I spent most of the day with all of the windows and doors wide open. Ricky and I also visited the cutest botanical nursery, (where I bought sooo many succulents, def a new obsession), and since it was so chilly outside I decided to bundle up. This cardigan is one of my favorite pieces of clothing. I love the oversized comfy feel of it. As an added bonus, I can wear it with just about anything. I'm guilty of pairing it with almost every top, dress, and romper I own. It's definitely a must buy.  Also if you love any ARVO watch and want to purchase it, use code: QZJJGPN to get 15% off until May 29th.

 Have a good rest of your night. Thanks for stopping by!