Spring Bloom

Necklace / Dress / Similar (better) Sandals

 I'm obsessed with the comfort I feel in this dress. There is nothing better than wearing clothing that allows you to feel free. This dress has the prettiest floral print, perfect for the spring season. I'm all about simplicity in this warmer weather. Which is why dresses are my go to this season; They're incredibly feminine, easy to dress down or up, and always lightweight. What more can you ask for? I was so excited to put sandals on again, my feet feel like they can breathe :))) Only now I actually have to try to paint my nails and keep them hydrated, which is suuuuuuch a drag. I can't stand feet. They get so easily dirty, and dry, and are a hassle in general. I'm grateful I can walk on them and all, but I would give anything to have baby soft feet without having to try *insert eye roll emoji*

 Anyhow, thanks for stopping by, all! I appreciate the time you take to read, or even just look around. I am truly grateful for the support you guys have given me so early on! Have a great day :)