For the Love of t-shirt Dresses

Hat / Similar Dress / Similar Denim Shirt / Similar Sandals

 I have come to realize that I am the definition of procrastination. It's a little embarrassing to admit, and a little motivating. I haven't blogged in about two months, but today I managed to get two posts up. This comfy look that I photographed months ago (yes, I said months -_-) and a post about my recent trip to Alaska, which you can find here. Now the goal is to continue to post on a regular basis... I always intend on keeping up with things here, but I'm also very easily distracted. Time always gets away from me. 

 On a more relevant note, let's talk about why t-shirt dresses are the best piece of clothing you will ever own. First of all, comfort. There is nothing more comfortable than wearing an over sized t-shirt. When I lounge at home, my go to piece of clothing is the biggest tee I can find. Being able to wear that same tee in public is just an added bonus. It's so easy to take a tee dress from ultra casual and comfy, to chic, dressy, and still COMFY. I love the variety that these dresses provide. I can wear them with a baseball cap and sneakers, or something like what I'm dressed in above, to add a little more of a trendy appeal. Add a denim/leather jacket for colder weather. Even a chunky knit cardigan can look so adorable. The possibilities are endless. If there is one thing I believe about clothing, is that it pays invest in pieces you can wear in a variety of styles. Trust me when I say this, you can't go wrong with a t-shirt dress. ;)