top / jeans / shoes

Hello all! It's certainly been too long. I'm back briefly today to share these incredible jeans. While I have teamed up with American Eagle for this post, I am not here to falsely advertise. I really do love these jeggings! They fit so comfortably and perfectly. I have spent the better part of my life purchasing jeans from Abercrombie or Hollister because of the comfort I felt in them. I NEVER bothered trying pants from any other brand because I know what I love, so why would I try to ruin a good thing? Needless to say I made a mistake. The material alone instantly made me fall in love. I am huge on clothing that is lightweight; I hate feeling claustrophobic in what I'm wearing. These jeggings let me breathe and move freely. I seriously could not ask for a more perfect pair. I am also wearing a top from AEO which is equally amazing. The fabric again is light weight, and I love the choker detail (your girl is OBSESSED with chokers), coupling that with the bell sleeves and floral print, you better believe I'm sold! Make sure you head to your closest AEO and shop 'till you drop, or follow this link to do some online shopping, you won't regret your purchase, I promise! See you guys soon.