Beanie / Romper / Jacket / Similar Lace Shorts / Tights / Socks / Booties

This past week was an incredible one for the weather. It finally felt like winter here in phoenix. Winter is by far my favorite season. The colder the weather the happier I am. Ricky and I headed up north to see the fresh snow which also came with the weather changes. AZ is such a confusing state, our drive there went from a barren landscape to snow covered fields. I mean it was like we were in the Tinkebell movie where the seasons are separated into separate lands. I was so mind blown. Even Ricky, who hates the cold, was in love with the snow. Now I know what you’re thinking, if there was so much snow why in the heck am I not bundled up? Well Originally I planned on doing this mini outfit shoot on the side of the road so that I wouldn’t step foot in the snow and then I was going to change into warmer clothing. Ricky on the other hand thought it would be way cuter for me to walk into the snow, *fall in the snow*, while he photographed me. So I froze, but he got the photos he wanted. I have to give it to him, I do love the way these pictures came out. I fell so much though, and my hands were so numb. My tights, and especially these socks, saved my life. I didn’t feel the cold on my legs even when they were covered in snow. Needless to say though bundling up is necessary when you’re in the freezing cold, I’m paying for it now. I’ll have more to share from this trip soon. Enjoy your week, kids!

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