I live for vacation, who doesn't though really. A few weeks ago Ricky and I went on a family getaway to Alaska. I cannot put into words how beautiful this state is. If I'm being honest, I wasn't all that excited to go in the weeks before. All I knew about Alaska was that the sun never set, and 90% of the activity there involved fishing. I don't like fish, and I definitely did not like the idea of sleepless nights because of the sun. Before the plane had even landed, I was in awe. Those mountains you see in the photo below were every where. I had never seen so much green, so many snow covered mountains, and the ocean was insanely beautiful. To say the least I was won over by Alaska's beauty from up in the air. 

We spent the week kayaking, hiking, rafting (I can't swim so when I say rafting I mean floated along a river while someone else guided the raft hehe), touring some incredible islands, and horseback riding. These photos hardly do Anchorage any justice. No matter where we went, I felt like I was looking at a landscape created with Photoshop. A lot of the activities we did required driving to Seward, which was two hours away. Driving is one of my least favorite things to do, but I could have done it all day here . We had the ocean on one side of the road, and mountains, waterfalls and more greenery than you can begin to imagine on the other side. I'm telling you, the sights were unreal. All of the pictures below are from the kayaking, hikes, and tours we did. I genuinely loved getting to experience this state, and especially being able to do go out and explore in such a unique way.

Horseback riding was absolutely my favorite activity (in case all the photos below didn't give that away). In fact, on every trip I've taken horseback riding is always my favorite. Our trip started in what looked like a jungle, continued on to a the most gorgeous beach, and ended back on a cute little ranch. I wish I had more photos of the whole ride, but taking pictures while on a very fast horse doesn't work out so well lol.

We were out from about 7 pm - 10 pm, and by the way the photos you see above were taken around 9 pm. SO MUCH SUNLIGHT. In the end the constant day light was really a blessing, this activity, along with quite a few others, wouldn't have been possible without it. This night was a perfect end to an incredible adventure. I'm a junkie for travel and exploration. I'll be daydreaming about this trip for a very long time ;)

Thanks for reading! Here's a video my sister in law created for this vacation. It came out so well, enjoy!

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