Haiti + Jamaica

Ricky and I went on a cruise for our sixth anniversary trip. It was our first real vacation together (most of our trips are Disneyland related haha). We were both so excited to plan a trip that would take us where neither of us had been before, and I cannot believe how beautiful and fun this trip was. We visited Haiti and Jamaica, both gorgeous locations. The bluest of skies and oceans surrounded the islands, and the greenest plants EVERYWHERE. I live in the desert, so green is a huge deal for me. I was blown away by the beauty in the islands and the people. Every single person we spoke to was kind, and sincere. I have never experienced kindness and happiness like I did meeting these people. Ricky LOVED Jamaica, he came home saying "yeah man" every chance he got. In Jamaica, we got to go horse back riding through the jungle and then on a secluded beach!! It was such a perfect day! Needless to say this was an experience of a lifetime, I can't wait for may more travels with the love of my life!

Jany RosalesComment