Northern Heights


September 1st, 2015

I would be a nomad if my finances allowed it. There is something so consuming about traveling. The world is far too beautiful to stay in one place all of your life. Ricky and I went out to Flagstaff in a hopes of making it to sunset crater, but instead we ended up in this little patch of sunshine. It's funny how taken I am by the outdoors. I mean, I am the most high maintenance person you will ever meet. Just LOOK at these photos! I have my hair curled, makeup done, and a dressy romper on. All for a day I planned to be outdoors. I know I'm insane, but I'm working on it. Any who, we went on this day trip to escape the miserable heat back home. The weather was perfect, a little chilly even. Flagstaff's weather is a welcomed change over the furnace we live in. Clear skies, a cool breeze, and nothing but real life thriving greenery, I'll take this whole town please. As an added bonus, the field we stumbled across was a roaming ground for cattle. These were the sweetest, most peaceful animals. All except for a little calf who favored us in no way. The little guy charged straight for our car ha! We got the heck outta there! I am convinced that mini adventures are great for the health. So take a weekend, and go take that road trip you've been dreaming of. Here's to adventuring!


P.S. I almost forgot, I really hope you read this before you look through the pictures! Ricky has to make himself laugh when I take pictures of him, hence the lifted shirt haha I just had to put it in here because he cracks me up. I apologize for any discomfort you felt when coming across that picture ;)

   Romper / Sandals / Necklace (that you can barely see) / Similar cuff



 I live for vacation, who doesn't though really. A few weeks ago Ricky and I went on a family getaway to Alaska. I cannot put into words how beautiful this state is. If I'm being honest, I wasn't all that excited to go in the weeks before. All I knew about Alaska was that the sun never set, and 90% of the activity there involved fishing. I don't like fish, and I definitely did not like the idea of sleepless nights because of the sun. Before the plane had even landed, I was in awe. Those mountains you see in the photo below were every where. I had never seen so much green, so many snow covered mountains, and the ocean was insanely beautiful. To say the least I was won over by Alaska's beauty from up in the air. 

We spent the week kayaking, hiking, rafting (I can't swim so when I say rafting I mean floated along a river while someone else guided the raft hehe), touring some incredible islands, and horseback riding. These photos hardly do Anchorage any justice. No matter where we went, I felt like I was looking at a landscape created with Photoshop. A lot of the activities we did required driving to Seward, which was two hours away. Driving is one of my least favorite things to do, but I could have done it all day here . We had the ocean on one side of the road, and mountains, waterfalls and more greenery than you can begin to imagine on the other side. I'm telling you, the sights were unreal. All of the pictures below are from the kayaking, hikes, and tours we did. I genuinely loved getting to experience this state, and especially being able to do go out and explore in such a unique way.

 Horseback riding was absolutely my favorite activity (in case all the photos below didn't give that away). In fact, on every trip I've taken horseback riding is always my favorite. Our trip started in what looked like a jungle, continued on to a the most gorgeous beach, and ended back on a cute little ranch. I wish I had more photos of the whole ride, but taking pictures while on a very fast horse doesn't work out so well lol.

We were out from about 7 pm - 10 pm, and by the way the photos you see above were taken around 9 pm. SO MUCH SUNLIGHT. In the end the constant day light was really a blessing, this activity, along with quite a few others, wouldn't have been possible without it. This night was a perfect end to an incredible adventure. I'm a junkie for travel and exploration. I'll be daydreaming about this trip for a very long time ;)

Thanks for reading! Here's a video my sister in law created for this vacation. It came out so well, enjoy!


1 Year Older, 1 Year Wiser

October 3, 2015

HA, NOT. I have less wisdom now then I did the day I was born. Growing older calls for pretending that I'm still a child, and where better to do that than Disneyland. Every year since my sixteenth birthday, I've had the incredible opportunity of spending this day in Disney. The older I get the more I try to cherish this day, and every second after. I loathe getting older, but I love birthdays. Isn't that a contradiction? I like the celebration part of the day; the I can get whatever I wan part. (I'm aware of how bratty that sounds, and I regret writing it already). It's the honest truth though. Ricky hates Disneyland, because I, in his words, "drag him to it too often". BLAH. Too often, theres no such thing. My birthday is the one day I can cash in a trip, free of complaints, and nothing but happiness :)  I'm so thankful for the experiences I have, the people I have, the love I feel, and the many many blessings I receive each day. These being the only benefits of aging. However, I'm still going to pretend that I am a little girl and that I have not a care or responsibility in the world (insert hair flip emoji here).

Halloween time at Disneyland is absolutely my favorite time of the year. Which is ironic because I never celebrated Halloween as a kid, and I still don't. Something about the pumpkins and fall vibes makes Disney that much better. AND OF COURSE THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. If you can't tell, Nightmare is an obsession of mine. During the month of October Nightmare is alive all through out the parks. A whole month to meet Jack and Sally and getting to experience a ride entirely dedicated to this movie? Yes, please. Although this does last through December, (It's essentially a Christmas movie), getting to experience this for my birthday is a real treat. I love spending my birthday's here. I am beyond spoiled, and as much as I hate to admit it, I definitely love it. I will never be able to show my gratitude for celebrating me this way each year, but I can tell each one of you who makes this day so perfect that it means the moon and back to me. I am so happy for the love I receive on this day. Thank you so much for being in my life, and holding a place in your heart for me. You are all the greatest people, I love you all so much. Here's to twenty two, and the great things this year will bring.


Forever and Always

February, 13 2015

I've spent six of the best years of my life with this boy. He is my best friend, better half, partner in crime, and love of my life. I am so thankful for him, and all that he has brought to my life. He is supportive, loving, generous, and so kind hearted. He is the biggest and best blessing. We recently celebrated our 6th anniversary, and I wanted to have some photos taken to commemorate another year together. I just love being able to look back at all of our photos and see how much we've grown together. Every year on our anniversary I try to make sure we have a new round of photos taken. They make for the best keepsakes. I have a huge overflow of images of us, and I love each and every memory associated with those images. Years from now I hope to look back at every picture, when we're old, and with our children, so that together we can relive where we started. 


For Love and Lemons Dress via Free People / Photos via Mary Claire Photography

These photos were taken by the amazing Mary Claire of  Mary Claire Photography. She is the sweetest, and unbelievably talented! I can't thank her enough for these photos. If you are looking to have your portraits taken, I highly recommend her!

Mary Claire Photography-30.jpg

Adventure is Out There

February, 17 2015

Ricky and I went on a cruise for our sixth anniversary trip. It was our first real vacation together (most of our trips are Disneyland related haha). We were both so excited to plan a trip that would take us where neither of us had been before, and I cannot believe how beautiful and fun this trip was. We visited Haiti and Jamaica, both gorgeous locations. The bluest of skies and oceans surrounded the islands, and the greenest plants EVERYWHERE. I live in the desert, so green is a huge deal for me. I was blown away by the beauty in the islands and the people. Every single person we spoke to was kind, and sincere. I have never experienced kindness and happiness like I did meeting these people. Ricky LOVED Jamaica, he came home saying "yeah man" every chance he got. In Jamaica, we got to go horse back riding through the jungle and then on a secluded beach!! It was such a perfect day! Needless to say this was an experience of a lifetime, I can't wait for may more travels with the love of my life!


Disney and the Diamond Celebration

May, 31 2015

WARNING: The Disney obsession is ridiculously present in this post.

I was beyond excited to go to Disneyland this week for the 60th celebration. I realize that the park and rides never change, but the decor, characters, and ride enhancements for the celebration were perfect and of course made me giddy. The whole place is beautiful!! Not to mention fun filled. I was so excited and running around like crazy, I'm honestly surprised we took this many photos. I made it a point to see all the new shows, and get my hands on as much of the 60th merch as I could (I'm pathetic, I know). I spent a good hour just looking for these 60th Minnie ears. Luckily Ricky found them in World of Disney. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. It was so hard to leave so many things behind. And the FOOD!! You can't go to disneyland without eating their amazing foods. My favorites are their grilled cheese and tomato soup, churros (of course), the clam chowder and gumbo bread bowls, and the ice cream Mickey bars! I need to run a couple of marathons now, but it's beyond worth it. I had so much fun on this trip! I definitely did not want it to end; Ricky and I ran around non-stop both days. He wanted to kill me, but I could tell he secretly enjoyed it, hehe. Make sure to watch our video, it's linked below the photos! :)


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